Thursday, June 23, 2016

Three steps to more housework help and less stress

I'm going to share a secret with you today.

I don't know why it is a secret... but it seems to be.

Are you tired of never having anyone want to help you with the housework?

Are you frustrated with the lack of attention to detail your family members have when they do help?

I know all too well that feeling I get in the pit of my stomach when I see a child of mine folding towels. It seems very similar to the feeling a friend of mine gets when she sees her husband loading the dishwasher.

We've told them how time and again, and yet they still won't do it right! WHY!?!

There is a solution to this. It's a simple one, although it is more difficult than it sounds.

Are you ready? Here it is...

Step ONE... Stop it.

No, really. That's all. Stop it.

Stop caring how your kids fold the towels. Stop caring how the dishes get loaded into the dishwasher.
Stop griping and mumbling and complaining about how you are the only one who ever does anything the right way at this house.

You have a life, and a busy one at that. There will be time for perfectly folded towels and hand washed dishes when you don't have kids around anymore. Whatever gets done now, however wrong you think it is... is still a blessing to your family!

I Corinthians 13:1 says "If you have all these things, but you have not love, you are only a clanging cymbal."  When you complain, nobody says, "I need to learn how to do this better." They say, "She is so picky. There is no pleasing her, so I'm going to try half as hard next time."

Learning not to care is easier said than done, but it does work. Nobody at my house complains about folding towels anymore... and as they've done it more, they've gotten better at it!

Step TWO... Be appreciative.

Yes, I know it is their house too and they are contributing as part of the team... but appreciation is one of the best forms of encouragement. Whether it be your husband, your child, or a helpful extended family member or friend, say "Thank you!" and mean it!

There are lots of ways to be appreciative. Have you told your husband lately how sexy he looks running the vacuum cleaner? Have you finished a round of chores as a family, looked at the kids and said, "You know what? I think we all deserve some ice cream!" even though they fought you all the way through? Stick to the positive reinforcement. It makes a difference!

Step THREE... Call us.

Oh, come on... you had to know that one was coming, right? If the first two don't work for you, the last one will absolutely do the trick. Hire A Housewife is here to do all the things you want done and want done correctly. That might mean dusting and vacuuming or it might mean laundry or dishes. Maybe you'll want someone to sweep out the garage or get dinner started one night a week. Or, maybe, you crave streak-free windows... Whatever it is, we'll handle it.

If we don't hear from you, we'll assume the first two worked. :-)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Stop believing the lies

I wrote a very long comment on WCIC's blog post about decluttering and then realized that I should turn it into a post of my own. Here it is, slightly edited.

Every week I meet new overwhelmed clients who have hired me to walk through their home with them and teach them how to conquer their clutter. I break everything down for them into baby steps and teach them how to get through it themselves.
Every time, I learn the build-up has much less to do with the stuff... and much more to do with
what's going on inside the person I'm there to help. 
Decluttering is amazingly freeing, but you will need to do it all again and again if you don't figure out your whys. In business, your "why" is the reason you do what you do. In clutter, your whys are the lies you tell yourself to make you think keeping the stuff is worth it.

Have you heard some of these before?
I should get rid of this but...
... it was so expensive it would be wasteful to get rid of it.
... someone else might be able to use it.
... I might need it again someday.
... my friend who gave it to me would be upset if she knew I didn't keep it.
And those are just the little lies.
Underlying those are much bigger lies... many of which we don't even realize we believe.

God isn't really my provider.
         (If He was, why would you save so much for "just in case?")
This is how I've always lived. I can't change.
          (How many times a week do you say that to yourself?)
We can't have nice things.
          (If you believe that, you'll make sure it's true.)

I could do a whole book on the lies we tell ourselves if I got started!

The power of life and death is in the tongue and faith comes by hearing. Put those verses together and it tells you that faith is voice activated! What you hear yourself say, you will believe. Say these things to yourself out loud today any time you think about any of those lies:

     I can learn to be organized. I don't need so much stuff.

     I deserve to live with the peace of mind that comes from a clean and organized house.

     God is my provider and I don't need to fret about what I may or may not need in the future.

     God is going to use my decluttering to bless others!

Not sure how that last one is possible? Read on...
As I was helping a client a few months ago through our "Love Where You Live" program, we came across a stack of pants. Brand new, with tags, in a size that the client never intends to wear again and is not a common size to begin with.
There were a lot of lies she could have told herself to make herself keep them. "They were expensive, maybe it isn't too late to return them." or "I might come across someone who can use them." or any number of others.
Instead she chose to donate them, along with a lot of other clothes. As I was driving the bags to Redeemer Lutheran to donate to Single Mom's Morning Out, I remembered the pants and started to tear up. It just hit me.
I don't know what single mom out there needed nice work slacks in a size 18 Tall, but God had already provided them and she had no idea that they were waiting for her that morning. Because one person didn't believe the lies, another person received a blessing.

Stop believing the lies that are holding you back!
You CAN Love Where You Live!

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.
~Proverbs 23:7

Monday, May 16, 2016

#41Strong Interview & Artwork

For those who haven't heard of #41Strong, it is a weekly radio show on Peoria Life Radio, hosted by RockChurch's Pastor, Chuck Tate. Every week he shares encouraging stories and scriptures to help listeners get through whatever they are going through right now.

Last week, he interviewed me. We talked about the beginnings of Hire A Housewife and what advice I can give others who are struggling through situations.

You can check it out here...

We are also blessed to have another creative brain at Hire A Housework... you'll see some of his work in the coming days and weeks on our page. Or, you can go to his page and see it now!

Looking for a graphic designer for your business? 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Love Where You Live Updates and Giveaway!

Since the Love Where You Live program was introduced earlier this year, some changes and updates have been implemented. Here is a rundown of how it works, followed by a giveaway offer!

Love Where You Live helps you get your home more organized and keep it that way! We are already helping people in the area make progress with their homes!

With Love Where You Live, Hire A Housewife owner, Kindall Nelson, helps you learn how to break down organizing your house into manageable steps.

Here is her description of how the program works:

When I come for your first 90-minute appointment, I'll be ready for a complete walk-through of the house to determine what needs to be done and how the work should be prioritized. As we walk through, I take both notes and "before" pictures. If there is enough time left, I will help you tackle a project while I am there. We will discuss goals and strategies for the week, and I will give you homework to complete before our next appointment.

When I return the second week, it will be with a binder that has been created with your home's plan in mind. We will discuss wins and losses for the week and also tackle a project together to help give your motivation a boost into the next week.

If there is a specific project that you need done but don't want to do yourself, we can discuss having my staff or I do that separately from our regularly scheduled appointments.

I will also haul away, or arrange to have hauled away, anything you have marked for donation during the week.

There is a minimum commitment of 4 weeks, which comes to $240.
($60 per 90 minute appointment)

Please know that while Hire A Housewife is always dedicated to guilt-free, judgement-free cleaning and organizing, this does take a commitment on your part to participate. I work hard to give you strategies that fit your life. But if you don't follow those strategies, things will not change.

I want to make a difference for you!

Now for the giveaway...

Are you ready to make some changes in your home?
Do you need someone to give you strategies and hold you accountable for those changes?

Tell me in 300 words or less why you would benefit from our Love Where You Live program and send  a couple of photos (they will not be shared) of some example areas where you would like help.
I also need your name, address, and phone number.

I will be choosing someone I believe will be committed to the program to receive 4 (FOUR) Love Where You Live appointments with me, and will announce the winner on May 16th!

Send to
with the Subject: Love Where You Live Giveaway

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Love Where You Live

How long has it been since you've had someone in your home?
Do your friends feel welcome to stop by whenever they want?
Does the thought of someone doing that cause a little bit of panic to set in...
      maybe more than a little bit of panic?

I'm sure you've probably had these thoughts before...

When its warmer outside...
When we get a bigger house...
When the kids are old enough to help pick up...
When my oldest leaves for college...

THEN I'll get this place organized.

The good news I have for you is this... You can do it NOW and I want to help.

I've said many times that I am perfectly happy if I can help others get the home they want without ever using our service. That is true. I will give you tips and tricks all day long if they will help, but what most of us need is a plan of action and some accountability. That's what I am presenting here today.

With Hire A Housewife's new LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE service, I will help you decide what needs to be done, break it down into small steps, and walk you through the process, holding you accountable each step of the way.

You've heard of a life-coach before? Think of this as life-coaching for your home. The end goal is not for you to continue to use our services, it is for you to be able to keep up with your home yourself!

How does it work?

At your initial appointment, I come in and do a walk-through of your home.
(Don't panic! I am coming to help, not judge!)

I will take a look at each room in the house and make a detailed list of things that need to be taken care of at some point. I will also take "before" photos that will not be shared with anyone but you without your written permission.

Lastly, I will give you a small amount of homework to get done before I come back.

At your second appointment, I will present you with a personalized binder to help guide you through the steps. We'll talk about your strategies and then tackle a project together.

I will return weekly or bi-weekly for one-two hours to help you continue to move towards your goal.

Additional options: 

     * Scheduled text messages and/or email reminders.
     * Phone consultation between appointments for encouragement or advice.
     * Hire A Housewife services to help you reach your goals more quickly.

Why you need this:
     I am not going to pull any punches.    
     I am not afraid to ask you the tough questions. 
     I am not afraid to tell you that it is time to throw something away.
     I have no problem loading up the things you decide to donate 
          and driving them to Mission Mart (or your preferred donation center) for donation.
     If you follow the plans laid out for you, you will regain control of your home and
          it will become a place that you love.


First, 90-minute appointment 
& binder creation:                                        $ 100

Following Appointments:                            $ 40 per hour, 90 minute minimum

Text and/or email reminders:                       $ 5 per week

Phone consultations:                                    $ 10 (approximately 15 minutes)

Minimum charge to start this service is $280. 
This includes the first session and three follow-up sessions. 
Payment can be made via check or cash at the time of the first appointment with Kindall, or via PayPal to

Hire A Housewife owner, Kindall Nelson, is the only Love Where You Live specialist at this time. Space is limited, so to avoid being put on a waiting list, contact us now! There is current availability on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

Feel free to leave questions in the comments here or on Facebook page link. 
I look forward to helping you Love Where You Live!

Monday, January 11, 2016

New feedback forms

One of the first positive changes for Hire A Housewife this year is the introduction of our feedback form!

Ready to leave feedback about your last appointment?

  1. Simply click the link below.
  2. Fill out the simple form. 
  3. Click Submit. 

It's that easy!

And, not only are you helping us make your experience better, but you are also being entered into a special monthly drawing. As an incentive for you to share your thoughts with us after each appointment, each completed feedback form will enter you in a monthly drawing for THREE (3) free hours of service (one per appointment).

We take your thoughts and feelings about our service seriously and want to make sure you have a good way to express them. In addition, we want to be able to take care of anything you aren't completely happy with. This isn't just a job for us. We are here to serve you!

More exciting changes are coming soon. Check back the last week of January to learn about new program to help you overcome the clutter and chaos on your own, with a little help from us!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Good people know good people

To me, the most important aspect of our service, is that customers enjoy a consistent, high-quality experience. We strive to provide consistent, high-quality work, by the same housewife at each visit.
Unfortunately, finding high-quality employees who are able to provide that experience is not easy!

In the past, as one employee has gone, I've used a variety of sources to quickly find, hire, and train someone else to try to avoid an interruption in service to any client. This has led to problems with quality as well as longevity of employment. When I put someone in the field who just isn't ready, they often don't last more than two months.

At this time, all of our housewives are fantastic. We just don't have enough of them to cover our current list of clients. I have been working to fix this problem, trying to avoid issues I've had in the past.

While brainstorming with fellow business owners recently, we were discussing the best ways to find good employees when someone said, "Good people know good people." 

She was totally right! And, when I think of good people, who are some of the first ones that come to mind? You! Our clients are undoubtedly some of the best people I've ever met! Besides that, you know exactly what kind of people we are looking for... because you know who you would trust in your home.

How can you make this knowledge work for you? 
Keep reading!

I would like to propose an incentive for those of you who think you know someone who would be a great fit for Hire A Housewife...

Anyone who submits the name of a person who applies and is hired by Hire A Housewife, will be be credited with 10 hours of free housekeeping when the employee reaches their 6 month anniversary. 

*Just a side note: It is against our policy to have friends and family members clean each other's homes. So the person you refer would not provide you services.

In the mean time, while I am working to find, hire, and train the right good people for Hire A Housewife, new clients and some current clients will be placed on our waiting list. 
We would rather ask you to wait for service and risk losing you, than providing you with sub-par service and lose you for sure, with good reason.

I am posting our current employment ad below. 

Hire A Housewife is hiring again for the Greater Peoria Area!
You must:
Have general knowledge of how to clean prior to training
Have a good attitude 
Have a clean criminal record
Have your own vehicle
Have the ability to check your email regularly
Have the ability to follow directions
Pay attention to details
Intend to stay for an extended period of time.
We offer:
15 to 35 hours per week
Monday - Friday, between 7am and 5pm
Flexible scheduling
$10 per hour to start, before tips and incentive programs
Performance-based raises
You choose your own service area
Learn more about us at our website before you apply or interview:
To apply: Send a resume and cover letter to
No phone calls please.