Saturday, July 27, 2013

Run Your Own Business? 5 Reasons You Should Call Hire A Housewife!

While it goes without saying that everyone would love to have a little more JOY in their lives... 

     You can never be too organized. Whether you are completely neat and tidy right down to the last labeled tote or you have an "I know where it is, I just have to find it" kind of system... having an outside eye come in and show you what you could be doing better it always going to be helpful. Sometimes letting someone else deal with it for you for a couple of hours gives you the break you need to re-energize!

We Can Be Tax Deductible
     That's right. Having someone come in and clean your home before your Mary Kay or Tupperware party or reorganize your office can be written off at the end of the year as a business expense. Who couldn't use a bit of a tax break coupled with the calm and focus that come with a clean and organized workspace!
     This doesn't just apply to an actual office either. We organize inventory, run errands, or... if you are really just too dedicated to your work to get to it yourself, we will even organize your Pinterest boards... I don't think that one is tax deductible though. ;-)

Small Businesses Help Each Other
     Hire A Housewife's growth over the last few months has completely surprised me... but it hasn't surprised God a bit. He knew how excited people would be about a company who wants to bring JOY into the lives of people every day! One of the things we will have very soon (Hopefully in August) is a company newsletter. Full of positive, uplifting information and tips, there will also be some space for advertising. I am excited to be able to offer these spaces to those who also support Hire A Housewife through using our services first!
     Small business promotion is a side project of mine. Sometimes I just donate my services to failing businesses in an effort to help get them on the right track. I have a lot of great ideas for small business promotion and cross promotion between businesses. Even if you aren't a current customer, stay connected with us to make sure you know when opportunities arise... they will!

     In business and in life, it is often said that success is "all about who you know." The more connections you have, the more potential you have to reach future customers. For me, I know that the most important "Who I know" is Jesus... and the ways that God has constantly and consistently put all of us in the lives of others at just the right time for one reason or another has been mind-blowing. Whether you are a Christian business owner who is relying on God to make those connections for you, or you would like to know some business owners who are... this is a connection you need! 

You Need Us!
     We know better than anyone how difficult running your own business can be! Never-ending to-do lists, long hours, meals on the go... give us a chance to bring JOY into your daily life and your business! This isn't just about the physical work that needs done, but it's also the positive attitude and and extension of grace that we bring with us.

Give us a try... you won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Because Too Much Can Never Be Said on God's Timing...

I am so grateful for the Lord's protection and provision.

If you read this blog regularly, you know I was in a car accident a couple of weeks ago and my vehicle was totaled.

Neither I nor the driver at fault were injured... which was a huge blessing. It could have been so much worse!

The problem for me was that nobody wanted to discuss financing another vehicle because my business isn't yet 2 years old. While my credit continues to get better as I work on it each month, I still have some work to do.

After some false starts at a few other car dealerships who lied to me multiple times in a couple days' time... I ended up at Mangold Ford in Eureka. I would 100% recommend this place to anyone in the area who is looking for a vehicle. They did not show my one vehicle that wasn't mechanically sound. The prices weren't inflated either. The finance guy there worked very hard to find me a loan. When he got it, he called it a "miracle loan".  Why? Well since my main source of income was my own business that is less than two years old, he convinced them to give me the loan with no proof of income... something that NEVER happens anymore these days.

Now, because of this, I did have to put a large down payment on the vehicle... here is where the reminder about how perfect God's timing is really timing hit me...
Remember how I thought I had found our house and didn't get it? Had I used all of my savings to move to a new place, I wouldn't have had anything to put down on this badly needed vehicle (without which my business would have fallen apart quickly).

Please continue to pray that God helps us find a better place to live soon. In the mean time I am ever thankful for His continuing mercies on us... and His timing, even when we think it's off!

By the way... here is a picture of my new van... Feel free to wave if you see me in it! :-)

I love being able to share with everyone how good God is to us... even when we don't think He's listening, He is... and he has a better plan!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Listening to God is Difficult

It's funny how we can believe we have heard God's clear and present voice in something... and still have it not work out. You can have the verses and the feelings and the faith to back it up... and yet nothing comes of it. Just a few weeks ago, that's where I was. I knew that the house that I looked at was ours... yet just a couple of days later is was listed as "Sale Pending." I was stumped.

Friends have given me explainations meant to make me feel better about why God didn't give us that house... maybe God has something better in store for us... or maybe He was just showing us what He will do for us in the future. But the truth is, I am not upset about the house. I am upset that I was so focused on what I wanted that I wasn't listening fully.

I could have just pretended that I never wrote that post. People forget. I could have deleted it altogether so nobody could prove I ever wrote it. But, I know that I am not the only one who makes this kind of mistake. Sharing it with you might encourage you the next time you believe for something that isn't to be or it might make you listen more carefully next time you believe you are hearing God's voice.

Once again and still, I am in a place where I need to be listening to His voice.

A week and a half ago a woman turned left in front of me while I was driving down the road and totaled my van. The fact that nobody was injured was a HUGE blessing. Then, the fact that my van's value and the pay-off were close enough to each other that the place I was buying the van from agreed to just "settle" for the amount the insurance company was sending was another huge blessing.

Here I am though, with two days left in a rental-car before I have to give it back and unsure of what I am going to be able to find for us, worried that I'm not listening... and I've shared in the past where not listening got me before!

On top of this, I am hiring again... something that is wonderful, but scary as well because the wrong employee could cause so many problems.

And... I still need God to find us the right place to live.

Not to mention all of those other smaller daily decisions I have make.

This is going to take A LOT of listening... 
The Amplified Bible says: Be careful therefore how you listen. For to him who has [spiritual knowledge] will more be given; and from him who does not have [spiritual knowledge], even what he thinks and guesses and supposes that he has will be taken away. Luke 8:18

This is going to take a lot of CAREFUL listening... not thinking and guessing and supposing.

My prayer tonight is that we all will take time to listen to God this week. Whether He is pointing down a life path, helping us with daily decisions or just simply reminding us how much He loves us. God is so good. He deserves the time it takes to stop and listen, and we all benefit in the process.

I believe that one by one each of these things will be worked out, and worked out for His glory... and when that does happen... I will let you know. :-)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Sharing at Trinity Church in Morton on Sunday

For those of you who haven't made the connection yet, I am the woman that Station Manager Dave Brooks is talking about in the latest WCIC "Things are not business as usual" radio spot. I have told God that if he is going to give me a story, that I will share it... and He is making sure I keep that promise! :-)

I attend Rock Church in East Peoria, but I also volunteer at the Community Harvest Food Pantry in Morton. Community Harvest and Trinity Church have asked me to speak for about 5 minutes this Sunday about Community Harvest and my testimony.

Since most of you will not be there to hear it, I thought I would share with you what I am going to tell them...

My name is Kindall. I am a single mom of four. I could talk to you for hours about how amazing God is… but I only have 5 minutes… so here’s what I want to tell you today!

My children and I used to live in Galesburg, but I began to feel that God's place for us was the Peoria area. I knew that I was supposed to move us here... but instead of waiting for God’s direction; I took the first avenue I saw open. Seven months and one unhealthy relationship later, my four children and I were homeless... living in an RV at a local campground. We were stuck there for nearly six months. My son was 10, and my daughters were 6, 8 and 14.

Shortly after that I started coming to the Community Harvest Food Pantry regularly. I had been once or twice before, but it never meant so much to me as it did after we became homeless. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I remember tearing up the first time someone loaded food into my van and telling them that they had no idea what a blessing they were. I also prayed several times with volunteers. When I didn’t, I still wrote my request down so that someone would pray for me during the week.

Trying to find work was difficult. I have my degree in Elementary education, but I had let my license lapse and couldn’t go back to teaching unless I went back to school. Besides that, what school was going to hire a homeless teacher?  Instead I decided that a good start would be to get a part time job doing some housekeeping, and put an ad on Craigslist. In an effort to make my ad different than all of the others, I titled it “Hire A Housewife” and listed off all of the things I could do that your average cleaning lady would not. Cooking, organizing, pet care, event planning… whatever was needed.

The first person to hire me truly took my ad literally. He and his boys didn’t just need the house cleaned. They needed food cooked, decorating taken care of, errands run… everything. I started working at their house five days a week. Over time I built a relationship with this family…
Thanks to some help from some friends and some people who believed in me, we were able to get into an apartment in September of last year.  Shortly after that, I started volunteering at Community Harvest. As much as it touched me to be served through the program, being on the other side of the registration table has touched me more.

I try very hard to make sure that people who come in do not feel like a number. I work on remembering their names. If I see a new haircut or something else that has changed, I comment on it too… because I know what a difference it makes to know that someone sees you as a person.  I have watched miracles take place over and over at Community Harvest. Food nobody expected, a vehicle that was badly needed, most importantly people who come in in pain… physical, emotional, spiritual… and leave with hope and healing.  I love everyone that comes through the doors at Community Harvest… but different circumstances that people have, will always affect volunteers differently.

My heart goes out to the ones who come in and, eyes looking at the ground, tell me they’ve never been here and then start explaining what happened… more than once I have had someone tear up at the registration table and say the words, “I’m sorry… it’s just embarrassing to have to be here.” That’s when I have the opportunity to say, “I understand, but you need to know that this is what we are here for… and if you look at the people who are working here… there are very few of us who haven’t stood in your shoes. Things will get better. In the mean time, we are here for you.” I get to give that peace and encouragement now because Community Harvest gave that to me.

Between my Saturdays at Community Harvest,  I worked a couple of other part time jobs here and there, but when I was working as a “housewife” I was doing something I loved.

When I decided to take on a few more clients, I started a Facebook page… and then a web page, and a blog. As interest picked up, I had a logo designed, filed with the county as a business, and even took a couple of classes through the Small Business Association. 

In the last four months, my business “Hire A Housewife” has gone from working with just two families to needing to hire three women part-time to help me with the workload. .. and while it is work, we are building relationships and bringing JOY into people’s homes every day… and who could ask for a better job than that?

I am here today because I wanted to share with you what God has done for me over the last year and a half and I wanted to tell you how Community Harvest was part of that. Community Harvest is not just about giving hungry people food, just like Hire A Housewife isn’t just about cleaning. In both cases we are building lasting relationships with people who Jesus loves... Whether they already know Him or God is putting us in their paths so that we can show them who He really is… the reach is so much bigger than we can even imagine… and it is all for His glory.