Thursday, April 13, 2017

Market your products AND keep your followers

Being an entrepreneur isn't easy.

Putting your livelihood on the line to do something you believe in can be scary.

If you found a product or service you are passionate about and are willing and able to do that, I applaud you!

But if you are doing this and are frustrated by your results, there's a good chance the people who are (or were) following you on social media are frustrated as well.

While this applies to many types of sales, it is especially true with Multi Level Marketing opportunities.

This isn't meant to point fingers at any one company or person. I see it every day. From many, many companies and many friends and not-yet friends both... and I have some friends who do what they do VERY WELL!

But so often I hear a sales pitch or see a post and cringe, saying nothing. Really though, I want you to succeed... and how are you going to do that if nobody tells you that there are better ways to market your products?

I'll admit. I'm no expert. Not all of my marketing ideas work... but one thing I do know is that you can always learn something new! And, the more you are willing to learn, the more successful you will be.

Here are some common ways to lose followers...
  • If you add me as a friend and immediately start trying to sell to me
  • If your posts are almost exactly the same as the posts of someone else in my friends list who sells the same thing
  • If you serial post (filling my feed with your posts)
  • If I answer a question on a seemly non-related topic and you follow up with a sales pitch

Most people know more than one entrepreneur who is selling the same product, so not only is it important to not get "unfollowed," but it's also important to set yourself apart in some way!

Here are a few ways you can do that...
  • We need to see your product in action daily in your own life, not attached to a sales pitch.
  • Be passionate about the product, not just the opportunity. Focus on selling the product and people who love the product will want to sell too.
  • Tell the stories of others who have used your products and services without attaching a sales pitch.
  • Be real. We won't believe that your product has fixed every aspect of your life. Tell us about your struggles as well as your wins!
  • Just build relationships with us and let us choose to try your products when we are ready.
  • Be generous. People want to do business with businesses who give back!
Above all, keep learning! It's okay to not know it all!

I often learn from the weekly podcasts from Entreleadership. In fact, I was re-listening to some older ones and was inspired to write this post because of one that I heard yesterday. If you sell anything... you need to listen to the first 20 minutes of this podcast. The rest is really good, but the first 20 minutes talks about so many of the mistakes being made in social media marketing today and what to do instead.

Listen to this podcast to learn... How to Market Without Everyone Hating You

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