Friday, April 21, 2017

The EASIEST way to donate

Most people know how the event Single Mom's Morning Out was a huge turning point in my life. (If you don't, check out the video at the bottom of our web page.)

 As a single mom, I still participate every year and encourage others to as well...

Register Here:

May 6th 2017 9am-Noon

One of the great things about where I am now is that even though I still participate, I also get to help out by donating things for the other single moms who will be there! Every year Hire A Housewife provides coupons and gift certificates for the moms, as well as items for the Blessings Room.

The Blessings Room is one of the most popular places to visit at SMMO. Here single moms find clothes, shoes, and accessories for themselves and their children a price they can all afford... FREE!
All of it has been donated by people from the local communities and it really lives up to it's name of being a Blessing Room!

I love being able to donate to this every year. In fact, my enclosed front porch often looks like a wreck because it is a convenient staging area for me to sort donated items that are going to people in need... but especially this time of year.

So, I wanted to extend the opportunity to be a blessing to these single moms to you as well!

During the week of April 24-28th, I will pick up (In the Greater Peoria Area) any gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories that you would like to donate to Single Mom's Morning Out and make sure they get to where they need to go!

To let me know you have things that need picked up, email me at with the subject "SMMO Donation" and I'll be in touch!

Blessed is the one who considers the poor!
In the day of trouble the Lord delivers him;
the Lord protects him and keeps him alive;
he is called blessed in the land;
you do not give him up to the will of his enemies.
The Lord sustains him on his sickbed;
in his illness you restore him to full health.”
Psalms 41:1-3

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