Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Big Changes for Hire A Housewife

I am excited to announce that over the next few months, Hire A Housewife will be rolling out new programs and packages designed to meet the needs of our customers and improve your overall experience. 

We are going to start with rate changes for today and will make other announcements in the coming days and weeks... so keep reading and stay tuned for what is coming in the future!

New Rates and Expectations

We love our clients and employees.

It is important to us that HAH has only the hardest-working, most reliable, and professional housewives representing our company. While we offer many benefits to our employees as a company, if we are not competitive with pay, we will continue to lose our best employees to higher paying jobs that are less physically demanding. 

Besides that, many of our housewives are relying on tips to make ends meet... and we don't believe it is fair to them or you.

We want to make sure tips are over and above what they do on a regular basis. If someone tips, it is because you appreciate their hard work.

You will see many positive changes in your service as well.
We'll announce those in coming weeks.

The first wave of new rates goes into effect December 15th for clients who book a one-time or recurring appointment that takes place after that date.

Clients who are already set up with recurring appointments (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) by that date will continue at our current rate until January 15th.

Clients who are already set up with recurring appointments by Dec 15th and who pay in advance via PayPal will continue at their current rate until January 31st.

Starting Dec. 15th our regular rate is $35/hr.
The rate for >10hr blocks of time is $32/hr when prepaid through PayPal.  

If you are a new customer, lock in the old rate for an extra month by signing up for regular service now (a month and a half if you prepay through PayPal.)
Also, gift certificates are good for one year. If you buy them at the current rate of $25/hr... they are still good for the same number of hours next year!

We also have some great new packages coming to better serve our clients.
Stay tuned for a post about our Ready to Show Ready to Sell program
for clients who are trying to sell their homes.

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